Plae Time: Craft and Fabrics, Feminism, and Technology

Plae Time: Craft and fabrics, Feminism, and Technology

This craft project involves the intersection of language, computers, and textiles; it melds the opposing forces of older technology (the cloth and the traditional art of hand-loomed fabrics) and newer technology (computer language represented by 0s and 1s) which are drawn by stencil and inked using a commercial detergent and then washed out. The rigidity of 0s and 1s seem to disappear with each wash; but in reality, it is incorporated into the folds of the garment and representative of feminism which seeks inclusivity rather than binary ends or viewing the newer technological tool’s uses as either a utopic or dystopic future. The newer technology is not erased but helps to highlight the beauty of the older technology.

The “plae” in the title of the project “Plae Time” comes from the Thai word which means “baby cradle”. The traditional checkered fabric cradles the hard computer language and then, like the cloth’s uses in life, transitions the binary language to become part of the fabric and its multi-faceted uses from birth to death. The pahkaomah cloth commonly associated with the working classes in Thailand is affordable, multi-use, and durable while — for this project — simultaneously honors the labor at home and family.



Stencil, water bucket, and detergent for the project


BucketStencil 0 1 2Tide Detergent



Thai Cotton Loom


Baby Cradle

Baby Hammock


Pahkaomah multi-faceted uses

Pahkaomah as a beltPahkaomah as headcovering

Thai farmer painting

Thai Rice Farmer half dressed with buffalo



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